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Dave's Pac West Gunsmithing

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Eugene, Oregon

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Long Guns, Shot Guns + Hand Guns, Old + New
My interest in guns started when I was twelve. My father was appointed commander of the National Guard in Southeastern Alaska—Ketchikan to be exact, for those of you that have been to that part of our country.  When all the small arms came in, I was elected to clean them. (To this day I hate Cosmoline!) Guns that are coated with Cosmoline are hard to clean. Needless to say when I went into the Armed Forces, I knew more about the weapons than most of the instructors did. I have probably cleaned more guns than most people have seen in a lifetime.  I learned how to weld and run both a mill and lathe in High School, and have been working with these ever since. I started doing small repair jobs on rifles when I was in the Air Force.  Other skills I have picked-up along the way are all types of welding, and building race cars of all types using that skill.  I have won quite a few races with cars that I have built.  I am a certified welder with 14 current certifications, and have been making a living doing that for quite a few years.  I am a member of The American Gunsmithing Institute. I have studied their "Professional Gunsmithing Course” by Master Gunsmith Robert Dunlap.  I am also a member of both the National Rifle Association, the National Shooting Sports Federation, and the Gun Club of America.  Cleaning guns of all types and gunsmithing is what I do!  To have a clean gun is to have a more accurate gun that will last you years longer!  If you don’t have a manual or the skills to use one, bring or send your gun to me. I will clean it or gunsmith it for you at a fair price! Dave working...